Yosuga no Sora Episode 11
The Uncertain Pair (S4)
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Name in Japanese ソラメクフタリ
Romaji Translation Sorameku Futari
Air date December 13, 2010
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Theme Song
Opening Song Hiyoku no Hane
Insert Song Tsunagu Kizuna
Ending Song [[


The Uncertain Pair (S4) is the 11th episode of the anime series Yosuga no Sora. This episode talks about how Haru started to have an incestuous lover's relationship with Sora after failing to get himself to shake Sora off his mind.



Haruka takes Nao on a date again, but he cannot shake the sight of Sora masturbating that night off from his mind. Eventually Haruka hits his limit and tries to get rid of those thoughts by taking Nao to a hotel and attempting to have sex with her even by forcing himself on her, but she rejects his act and asks if he really loves her. Haruka is unable to answer and returns home. Soon after, Sora gets a fever and Haruka stays home to take care of her. That evening, Sora, with her fever subsided, confesses her feelings to Haruka and the two kiss and make love, beginning a relationship. This did not go unnoticed, as everyone, especially Kozue and Nao, begins to see the twins spend more and more time with each other. One evening, when Kozue and Nao decide to visit the Kasugano residence after they met each other in the classroom, they hear noises coming from inside the house and burst through the front door, catching the twins in the middle of making love. Kozue dropped Haru's phone, which has been left behind in the classroom, and then ran out from Haru's home screaming.

Omake BonusEdit

Name: Ex-boyfriend Memories (M11)
Name in Japanese: モトカノメモリ
Romaji Translation: Motoka no Memori
When Motoka meets her ex-boyfriend, she recalls her good and bad memories with him. Then, when her ex-boyfriend hugs her and whisper into her ears, Haru suddenly appears behind her and gives the quote of the episode.
Quote of the Episode:-
English: Sorry! No porn again!
Japanese: ごめん!またエロスなし―
Romaji Translation: Gomen! Mata Erosu Nashi

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