Yosuga no Sora Episode 02
Akira Embarrassed (AK2)
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Name in Japanese アキラハズカシ
Romaji Translation Akira Hazukashi
Air date October 11, 2010
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Theme Song
Opening Song Hiyoku no Hane
Insert Song Tsunagu Kizuna
Ending Song Pinky Jones

Akira Embarrassed (AK2) is the second episode of the anime series Yosuga no Sora. It talks about how Haruka helps Sora to get to school and the events which take place in the swimming pool.



Sora asks Haru to take her measurements so she can have a uniform made, and finally starts attending school with Haruka, though she is disappointed to find that she and Haruka are in different classes. While cleaning the swimming pool as part of a mixed gym, Akira accidentally soaks Kazuha who forgot her swimsuit, and so Akira takes her to dry off. Haruka finds Kazuha's phone and goes to return it, only to overhear a sensual-sounding conversation in which Kazuha addresses Akira as "Onee-chan" (big sister).

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