Yosuga no Sora Episode 01
Distant Memories (AKNS1)
Name in Japanese ハルカナキオク
Romaji Translation Haruka na Kioku
Air date October 4, 2010
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Next Yosuga no Sora Episode 02
Theme Song
Opening Song Hiyoku no Hane
Insert Song Tsunagu Kizuna
Ending Song Pinky Jones

Distant Memories (AKNS1) is the first episode of the anime series Yosuga no Sora. It talks about Haruka and Sora moving from their late parents' house to their late grandparents' house in a certain village.



After the sudden death of their parents, Haruka and his twin sister, Sora move to the house formerly inhabited by their late grandfather, in a small village they often visited as children. There, Haruka encounters several of the residents, some of whom are old friends like Nao, but Sora stays at home, refusing to go to school even as Haruka starts attending. Realizing that Haruka is growing more and more distant and slipping from her grasp, Sora goes to Haruka's room at night and appeals to Haruka as she removes her clothes...

Omake BonusEdit

Name: Why Force Yourself (M1)
Name in Japanese: ダメモトカイナ
Romaji Translation: Dame Motoka Ina
Motoka introduces herself as a maid specially for Kazuha. She then saw Haruka with his sister riding on the bike when their car pass by Haruka. She instantly falls in love with Haruka and then proceeds on to tell her sad love story.
Quote of the Episode:-
English: I want to be happy soon
Japanese: 早くルンルンになりたい
Romaji Translation:  Hayaku Runrun ni Naritai