Yahiro Ifukube
伊福部 やひろ

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Age Unknown.
Birthday January 10 (Capricorn)
First Appearance (Anime) Episode 2
Portrayed By
  • Hikaru Isshiki (Game) and Ryouko Tanaka (Anime)
  • Yahiro Ifukube is one of Yosuga no Sora's side characters. Yahiro would rather spend her time sleeping and drinking than doing anything else.


    The rough-looking Yahiro seems to be a temperamental and insensible person at first sight. But she is, in truth, really kind hearted. This is revealed in Kazuha's route, when Haruka notices that she secretly takes care of Akira. She does it secretly because Akira would feel blamed if she saw Yahiro taking care of her.

    Yahiro's past is filled with forgotten promises, broken dreams and broken loves, which is the reason why she doesn't believe in love anymore. She is also a tsundere.


    Yahiro is 165cm tall, has long straight red hair and dark gold eyes. She is often seen using a green blouse and shorts. She is the tallest of Yosuga no Sora girls.


    Best friend to Motoka Nogisaka and proprietor of a family owned candy store, she is also the unofficial guardian of Akira (but to Kazuha, it seems to be the other way around). She had very little influence on the routes with the exception of Akira's route, which she helps Haruka in discovering who Akira's mother is. In Haruka na Sora, it is revealed that she is a "tsundere" and she shows a cute side of her.


    • She is the only character that owns a shop.
    • She is the only character that is a guardian.
    • She is the only character that did not like Haruka at first.
    • She is the only character that has/had a grudge against love.
    • She, along with Kozue Kuranaga, only won a route in the fandisc.
    • She, along with Motoka Nogisaka, is an older love interest of Haruka.





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