This is the romantic interest between Yahiro Ifukube & Haruka Kasugano.


Yahiro kissing Haru.


Around the time when Haruka and Kazuha had feelings for each other, Yahiro interrupted them in a frantic state, due to being concerned about Akira, who had apparently collapsed in exhaustion. Haruka proceeded to check up on Akira but was stopped by Yahiro, who questioned their whereabouts and ended up giving him lectures, Haruka didn't mind. Both Kazuha and Haruka apologized to the two. While Akira forgives them, Yahiro stands by unnoticed and, though she forgives them, she can't let go of the situation and eventually develops a grudge against Haruka for his actions. Dispite recent circumstances and her vow to harbor hatred toward him, she appeared to harbor romantic feelings toward him, to the point of taking sexy pictures of her self and lying alone in seductive positions in rooms of her house in lingere. Evindentually,Haruka caught her lying seductivley in the Living Room in lingere and a bathrobe and ended up blushing while striking a fever at the sight of him. She gains an route in the game Haruka na Sora.


  • She's one of few girls who tend to eat popsicles and ice cream on a stick in "a very suggestive way".
  • Despict her age, she date's Haruka in the game Haruka na Sora.

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