Mrs. Yorihime is the wife of Mr. Yorihime and the mother of Nao Yorihime and is a minor character in the anime series.


Not much known is about her or her husband except that they are the parents of Nao. Though she claims she lives a happy life, she seemed to be suffering marital problems. This occurred in one summer ago in Haru and Sora's childhood where she and her husband started arguing with each other. This eventually took a toll on their troubled daughter Nao, as for when they continued arguing, she sneaked away to the Kasugano household and released her tension by finding Haru and having sex with him, not knowing she was caught by Sora, who was standing at the door at the time.






  • Her maiden name is not known.
  • Her first name is not known.
  • She's aware her daughter had sex with Haru at such a young age. (manga)
  • It's unknown what's causing her marital problems.

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