Mrs. Kasugano
Debut (Anime) Episode 10
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Personal Info
Gender Female
Relatives Mr. Kasugano (husband) (deceased),

Haruka Kasugano (son), Sora Kasugano (daughter)

Status Deceased
Mrs. Kasugano was the wife of Mr. Kasugano and the mother of their fraternal twins, Haruka and Sora Kasugano. She, along with her husband, have died in an automobile accident, leaving their children


She has a silver-white hair and has brown eyes.


The anime did not reveal much of their background. She and her husband have a beautiful apartment in an unknown city.



  • Mr. Kasugano (husband) (deceased)
  • Haruka Kasugano (son/son-in-law)
  • Sora Kasugano (daughter/daughter-in-law)
  • Unnamed/Unborn Kasugano Child (grandchild)
  • Parents or in-laws (mentioned in the series)
  • Kasugano distant family relatives (mentioned in episode 12)


  • Her first name is not revealed.
  • Her maiden name (last name before marriage) is not revealed.
  • Not much of her family history is known.
  • Her son and daughter bare a striking similarity to her.
  • She was unaware that her son lost his virginity at such a young age because of his sexual encounter with Nao.
  • She was unaware that her children fell in love and began a relationship with each other.
  • She was unaware of the fact her son and daughter shared a kiss when they were young.
  • Like her daughter, she wears a white laced dresses and wore black ribbons tied in her hair for attire.
  • Her hobbies were cooking and spending time with her family.
  • She gave her daughter a stuffed rabbit doll to keep as a memento of her love.