Motoka Nogisaka
乃木坂 初佳

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Age Unknown
Birthday December 23 (Capricorn)
First Appearance (Anime) Episode 1
Portrayed By
  • Soyogi Tono (Game) and Tae Okajima (Anime)
  • Motoka Nogisaka, one of Yosuga no Sora heroines, is a maid of the Migiwa family.


    While she is not ideally suited for household chores, her warm compassion and captivating personality offset these deficiencies. She is best friends with Yahiro Ifukube, a notoriously heavy drinker. This made Motoka’s low tolerance to alcohol a particularly hazardous social issue, especially since she has a particular fondness for the taste of sake. She is the star of the anime's omake bonus feature. In this special, she entertains people with her skilled impressions of other characters and eventually falls in love with Haruka, despite his being significantly younger than her. In episode 12 (last) Motoka will be Haruka's wife, but this was just a joke the creators added. In reality Haruka ends up with Sora.





    • Haruka Kasugano (husband - however, the end-credit was not real and was a joke. As Haruka truly ends up with Sora)


    • She appears to suffer from high libido, as hinted in the Omake bonus feature.
    • She's the first character to masturbate in the Omake Bonus Feature, yet the second character to masturbate in the series; the first is Sora Kasugano, due to fantasies.
    • She's one of several characters who suffer from sexual tension and turn to sources for release.
    • She's one of several character that expose themselves to others, by flashing panties or wearing only lingerie.
    • She's the second character to have a low tolerance to alcohol, making it a particularly hazardous social issue.

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