Kozue Kuranaga
倉永 梢

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Age 16
Birthday June 1
First Appearance (Anime) Episode 1
Portrayed By
  • Yumi Haruna (YNS game) Airi Himekawa (HNS) and Yukari Minegishi (Anime)

  • Kozue Kuranaga is one of Yosuga no Sora's side characters. She is the representative of Haruka, Ryouhei, Kazuha and Akira's class, often nicknamed by "class rep." She fell in love at first sight when she saw Haruka due to his gentle profile and appearance.


    Kozue is generally a shy and quiet person (a dandere). She is also very polite and, through her shy and responsible nature, has a "delusion mode" where she imagines being in a romantic relationship with Haruka due to her crush towards him (she is often teased by Ryouhei due to that).

    She dislikes the rural life and wants to move to the city when she becomes independent.

    She is athletically-inept (at least to an extent), but is a very intellectual person, although, later on, she begins to realise that relying on rationality more than emotion is not always best.

    Despite her shy, reclused, and no-nonsense attitude, she is a very reliable and gentle person.



    Kozue full profile.

    158cm tall. She has black hair and grey eyes. Her hair is sometimes in a ponytail and other times short pigtails. In the last episode of Yosuga no Sora and in Haruka na Sora, she leaves her hair untied, making her appear more feminine, this is due to the change in her life (in Japan, when a woman changes her hair it signifies the start of a new life, both in Haruka na Sora and in Yosuga no Sora/Sora's arc Kozue life changes drastically). She is often seen wearing a hair pin on the left side of her hair. In her day-today, she often wears a white blouse and a brown skirt. When she go to the beach, she wears a turquoise one-piece swimsuit.


    Representative of Haruka's class, a position of important functions and rights, Kozue has a strong sense of responsibility. Very diligent and responsible, she takes handles all of her work as a class rep (an example of this is shown in Episode 11) and will stay at school until evening to check if the windows and doors are locked.

    *Warning! Spoilers!*


    In the first episode, when Kozue was leaving the school, Haruka almost hit his bike with her's, he apologized and Kozue fell in love with him. In the same episode, the teacher says to Haruka to depend on Kozue and he go to get Sora's printout of lessons with her, then, she asks about the person that was in the bike with him, (Sora) feeling relieved knowing that Sora is his sister, she runs and tumbles in Nao.

    In Sora's arc, she was the one to advise Haruka to not get too friendly with his sister in public, because his peers are noticing and spreading strange rumors. In the end of the same episode, she and Nao caught Haruka and Sora making love and, after staring in shock and disbelief, she runs off in tears. In Episode 12 she, trembling and crying, yells to Haruka out of anger and confusion that she loved him and that she will never talk to him again (which she later regrets saying). In the end of the episode, she appears with a different hairstyle due to the shock of recent events and wanting to move past everything. She later questions Nao, asking if, in love, feelings for one-another are the most important things, as she had never loved anyone before Haruka.


    Chapter 2Edit

    She makes a little appearance asking Haruka if he's felling bad, saying that if he has any problems he can go talk to her about it, until Ryouhei sneezes water at her and Kazuha, after this they punch him.

    Chapter 5Edit

    She makes a little appearance in her yukata while talking with Haruka and Nao.

    Chapter 6Edit

    She makes a cameo with all the girls in one of the last pages.

    Chapter 7Edit

    She go with everyone to the beach and play volleyball with everyone except Sora. (Due to Sora's bad mood)

    Chapter 10Edit

    She makes a cameo and see Haruka cross-dressing along with everyone else.

    Chapter 11Edit

    She go to Haruka's house to deliver notes for the next semesters in the school along with Nao, Haruka tries to shoo away them saying to Kozue that he will go to her house and deliver his seal (Due to Sora being naked and having signs of their sex) but then, Sora shows up naked.

    Chapter 12Edit

    Sora says to Kozue and Nao that she did the same thing that Nao made to Haruka, without knowing what that means, Kozue questions Sora and she says that it's exactly what she's thinking, in shock, Kozue runs away.

    In the same chapter, Kozue apologizes to Haruka explaining that Nao said that Sora disappeared, saying that it's her fault, after this she says "I'm uncertain about what is right and what is not but both Kasugano-kun and Sora-san are my important friends" and search for Sora too.

    Chapter 13Edit

    She, along with Ryouhei and Kazuha, appears in the final asking Akira if she found Sora, Akira says that she is coming back quickly along with Haruka.

    Chapter 14Edit

    She go to Haruka's house with everyone else. The next day, Kazuha receives an email from Haruka and read it to everyone, she cries when Haruka thanks them saying that they are just like a family and get angry with everyone for forgetting to say to her that Haruka is actually on a travel and that he will come back, Haruka ask via his email if she (and everyone else) want a souvenir, Kozue says that she just wants that they come back safely.

    Haruka na SoraEdit

    Coming soon!





    • She is the unique character that doesn't have a sex affair in the anime.
    • She is one of Haruka's friends that doesn't approve the relationship of Haruka and Sora, due to her feelings toward him. This is revealed at the end of the final episode, as she starts to cry.
    • She, along with Yahiro, doesn't have an arc in the anime adaptation.
    • She is the only character that significantly changes her hairstyle.
    • She is the only character that had three different voice actors.
    • Besides Sora, she is the shyest character in Yosuga no Sora.
    • Her first love is/was Haruka.

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